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Search. What it means to you,
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Nothing has ever grown at the exponential speed of the internet. In a nano-second your good, solid reputation can be gone forever. Every single day billions of rumors pollute the web with negative, earth shattering consequences, some may be aimed at you, many if not all are unfounded and done in a way to ruin your reputation.

We're here to suppress negative comments by way of populating them with both neutral and positive information. Our success rate with our other clients has been nothing but stellar. Contact us today.

You get negative results. We get positive results.

Facts Regarding Your Online Reputation

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believe we now work in an on-line reputation based economy.


have search online for background information on themselves.


have searched online for background information their co-workers.


believe on-line reputation is just as important than off-line reputation.

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search on-line to find information of people from their past.


have rejected an applicant due to information found on-line.


don't go past the first page of
search engine results.


don't go past the second page of
search engine results.

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    Firm Beliefs

    We believe people are innocent until proven guilty and that everyone's entitled to a fair trial. Our team of experts, with years and years of experience, in technology, on-line and off-line PR, advertising and marketing makes the task at hand more manageable to suppress negative search results in the major search engines.

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    Firm Actions

    The actions we take are firm, decisive and long-lasting. Once we start, we don't stop. We not only set out to suppress all negative results, we also take measures to put a "shield" over your name to mitigate any new negative comments from appearing, while facilitating positive comments to populate the search engines.

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    Firm Principles

    Our reputation and history is simple. Our level of expertise and gravitas in advertising, marketing and PR has transcended the typical ORM model. We took these principles along with our vast experience in online search and offline marketing to create the most powerful 360 degree attack in the ORM space.

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    Firm Results

    With our actions, results aren't that far away. Many times you may see the first stage of results with-in 3 months, though it will probably take up to a year to suppress, and push, all negative results beyond the third, page. 90% of all internet users don't go beyond the second page and 99% don't go past the third page.

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    Firm Facts

    There are billions of comments posted daily on nearly 200 million websites and blogs. Some comments may be aimed at you, and some may be negative, which will show up in search results. Unfortunately, on the internet, people are guilty until proven innocent and not everyone's entitled to a fair trial.

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    Firm Words

    Over 90 percent of everyone using Google will search extensively for information on prospective employees, professional services, business development, prospective college-bound students, even when it comes to dating someone. Founded or unfounded, embarrassing and negative search results will destroy most credibility.

How does FirmReputations get such firm results?


1. Analysis

We do a rapid, in-depth study to determine where, when, and how negative postings about you or your company have been made. Who owns, manages, or has access to the sites or pages where the offensive listings reside? What is the extent of the damage? What "keywords" or search phrases bring up offensive listings? What kind of sites are involved: blogs, journals, news sites, forums, permanent or ad-hoc sites, etc.? Are the postings associated with competitive (deeply entrenched) or with transitional keywords (those that can be quickly overcome with corrective actions)? Who are the individuals responsible for the damage?

2. Strategic planning

What are the best counter-measures and how do we deploy them? We rapidly brief our team and develop a marketing and PR campaign that fits the analysis. We then meet with you to go over our strategies and how the campaign will run to get the quickest responses to suppress all negative search results. We go back and refine our plan

3. Action

We begin to implement counter-measures that include, but are not limited to: Identifying "positive" web pages, blogs, forums, articles, or pages that we control, that can be quickly elevated in the search engine rankings using optimization strategies. These pages blanket and replace negative listings. Posting hundreds of positive articles, blog, journal and forum entries, news items, press releases and other pages on a steady, on-going basis. These postings offer positive reflections on your reputation — but more importantly, they replace negative postings by taking the top positions on the sites in which they appear.

Your Search Results


If you searched online for your name right now, what would you see? Negative comments or positive ones? Perhaps a competitor, a disgruntled person from your past or even just a journalist has been targeting you for whatever reason. Or maybe you are a high-profile individual with unfortunate past incidents that just won't go away. High-ranking negative listings will become stronger over time and many of them are full of User-Generated Content submitted anonymously and, therefore, protected from deletion. Depending on the type of potentially damaging listings, they could rise quickly in Search Engine Results and it is of the utmost importance that you take action. You need to take back your reputation.

Our methodology will suppress the negative listings that are hurting you, your family and business. We suppress the first pages of Search Engine Results against negative listings by introducing positive listings, which will naturally outrank and push down the negative ones further back into your results. remember 90% of all people using Google will not go past the first page and 99% don't go past the second page.The longer you wait to take action, the strength of negative postings simply become harder to suppress.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to see results?

Serious results usually occur within around 3 months. While speed to suppress the negative comments is important, it's as important to understand your individual circumstance and how to attack it. Other ORM companies promise to get results in 2 days, that's by no means what you're looking for.

What constitutes success?

The further back we get your unwanted results to go on your search pages the more success we'd garner. 90% of all people who use search don't go past the first page and 99% don't go past the second page. No one will ever be able to get these items deleted but in time we can suppress them as far as you'd like.

Is it at all possible to see faster results?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Google's algorithms will pick-up rushed content, after using that as a strategy google will thwart other articles, postings and comments as a result the process will have to start over. Again, don't let other ORM firms promise you anything else.

How long is the program?

To get full and long-lasting results we recommend one  year. We would also recommend to stay on longer to monitor new attacks. After the first year all fees get reduced by 50% to manage your reputation.

What content will be created for me?

All content will be written by our expert craftsman to insure that Google will recognize the articles. All information will come from you; background, higher-education, affiliations, charities, your expertise in your field of endeavor. These articles will be placed in all vertical sites that apply to you and needs.

How often can I get updates?

You can view your account 24/7/365. You will get a secured login and password to access this information. All articles, releases and site pick-ups will be viewable.

Does your service get picked up internationally?

Yes, it gets picked up by all english speaking countries and at times other non-english speaking territories will pick it up as well.

Who would be managing my account?

You would be assigned an account executive that would be available from 9am/et to 5pm/et. Your account executive will be able to answer all questions for you and to go over future tactics and strategies.

Do you take on all new clients?

No we don't. We have a code of conduct that will not allow us create any content that will attack others no matter the circumstance. We are here to clear your reputation not to denigrate others.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes we do. If we do not reach the mutually agreed upon milestones, we will refund your money with no questions asked.

Contact Us Today


Get back your reputation. Simply contact us today. Your reputation is on the line and unfortunately it's on the internet as well.

How much does this cost?


Everyone's situation is different with different needs. In general fees are based on the overall quantity, the nature and the importance of the sites that are writing articles, blogs and comments.

There is an initial set-up fee with a monthly retainer. The monthly retainer would cover all services which includes SEO, SEM, building sites with relevant information, getting back-links targeted to your sites, all social media, all maintenance and most importantly to protect your name from getting additional negative posts.

So again, as you can see, there are way too many variables to give a set fee structure. Contact us and we'll be more than happy to give you a range based on your current results.

    You are your search results.

  • Founded or unfounded, people believe all negative comments.
  • Negative content destroys.

  • The longer negative articles remain, the more damage it does.
  • There are no second chances.

  • All negative links must be suppressed ASAP.
  • The Internet never forgets.

  • Negative links posted it will forever erode your reputation.

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